It is wrong to get married below the age of 25

Twitter user identified as @Alumbeaofficial has taken to the platform to state her opinion on the right age for couples in a relationship to get married.

The curvy lady said it is wrong if a single lady or guy gets married when he or she is still below the age of 25.

Going further, she related marrying below the age of 25 to someone leaving a nightclub as early as 9pm.

“Getting married below the age of 25 is like leaving the club at 9pm.” She wrote.

Reacting to the tweet, some Nigerians hurled insults at her for making such an ‘insensitive’ statement, and discouraging young people in love to take their relationship to the next level.

What do you think?

Written by Nick


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“My life is completed just because of you”

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